Watch the ship come from harbour to Ocean.

This morning Emma and I had a very interesting walk except when she was pulling me – excuse the video where it moves a little. Here is a video showing a very large ship coming out of our really small harbour at Teignmouth, Devon away to the ocean beyond.



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I have designed a quick stitching pattern for you.

Holly and Ivy copyright 2013

Holly and Ivy copyright 2013

Well I have watched everyone else so thought I would have a go at designing a quick pattern for Christmas.  These are really small to add as embellishments on Christmas ornaments. I have designed in green and red but I am sure those of you out there will try a whole multitude of other colours or metallic so it will be lovely to see how they are used. Please post pics to show us all.

Next I have the letters Christmas to be used with or without the  above embellishments again in green but use what suits you are your needs.  Pics will follow as I have just challenged my cross stitch group so in a  few weeks time we should see what they have come up with. fingers crossed.


Create a small hanging cushion by using this as a starter then embellish below the word to create a Christmassy feel. Remember when making up the cushion to use ribbon that matches the changing.  Choose different colours to stitch the word in to compliment your décor. The picture below is what the word Christmas and the little house look like stitched on 14 count white and metallic green Aida.

Christmas 2013

Christmas 2013

All I ask is that you don’t photocopy and give it out and if you use it to recognise me as the designer other than that feel free to stitch it for free.



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Things have been really busy for me so to do this blog has been difficult.  However I think I have come up with a cunning plan not to miss all those really important things that I do in and around the area, I can tweet it, so am now on twitter.

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Scissor Fob Tutorial #1

Lovely idea

Focus on Finishing

Note, this post is the property of myself – please DO NOT re-blog any of the content without express written permission by this blog owner (Anne), thanks.


This is the first of a number of upcoming Scissor Fob tutorials … and is the type of finishing used by The Drawn Thread freebie designs and similar to Mill Hill treasure ornament series.  The finish is a diamond shape, which I think is really attractive for a scissor fob.  This one in my tutorial is a bit large for a scissor fob, in my opinion, but the finishing is the same irrespective of the design size you choose 🙂  If you are interested, this is Pumpkin Keeper freebie by The Drawn Thread.


Materials needed:

  • Stitched project – this needs to be a square design, preferably stitched in a diamond shape
  • DMC thread or sewing machine thread to match the stitching fabric…

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Elephant Hawk Moth

Elephant Hawk Moth

Look what my mum has on her Fuchsia.  An Elephant Hawk Moth look below at the detail. At the back there is a tail.


Look at the markings at the top of the head.  They look like eyes.

Look at the tail.


And the markings at the head look like eyes.


Look at the markings at the top of the head.

Look at the markings at the top of the head.


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Pink Vintage Apron Love

Great use of chicken scratch. I love doing this.


Close-UpLook at this BEAUTIFUL apron I won in a recent giveaway from Deb and Kathy at Second Hand Roses! It’s vintage! And embroidered! And PINK! I just LOVE it!

If you’ve never read the Friday morning posts at Second Hand Roses, you MUST subscribe to their blog! Deb and Kathy give a tongue-in-cheek play-by-play of their visits to local second-hand shops and sales, like Be Kind to Animals, Please and Another Friday, Another Estate Sale.  They make me laugh every time! They’ve even invited me to go shopping with them next time I visit Colorado . . . it’s on my bucket list!

Thank you, Deb and Kathy! ♥

P.S. Click here to read about Deb’s apron collection!


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New Commissioning group meet their patients.

This week at Newton Abbot racecourse I and about 200 other people met with the new NHS commissioning Group.  They talked about their hopes and then we were able to meet them in group sessions. They informed us that this group are made up of 38 Member GP practices that buys care. That in these practices patients in the community with long term illnesses and a higher proportion than nationally. They hope and wish to provide excellent joined up care for everyone.  They are hoping that at all times they will have access to the most up to date evidence based treatment i.e. the right service for patients at the time that they need it 


South Devon and Torbay Shadow Clinical Commissioning Group
John and I went to the Commissioning Group meeting at the Racecourse. There were a variety of members of the group available to ask questions of how the new process will affect our residents. I chose to find out on a general level whether they would be looking at joined up thinking to ensure holistic patient care. I also chose long term illnesses to find out whether chronic oedema patient care will be commissioned and alongside our Teignbridge councillor Ann Lonsdale I also discussed the proposed provision for mental health with Derek O’Toole.

I was interested to find out if the gap between primary and secondary care will be closed. I am particularly interested whether those with acute illnesses will have more of a provision than the current solution which requires the patient being hospitalised out of county, as this can be very costly to themselves and the patients families. I also supported the discussion on dementia care by asking whether when a patient has a variety of illnesses whether they would care for the patient as a whole rather than bouncing from department to department worrying about finances rather than the patient.

My second interest was to ensure the crisis arrangements are available when needed and not just on a 9-5 basis Monday to Friday as it is often outside these hours that help is needed, and finally to ask whether the overlap between services reportedly supporting carers are effective, not costly and reaching the carers that need the help.

In all of these area Derek was very positive in wishing to develop good enough care than in a year or two time other providers will be coming to see our good practice and copy it. Andy said they hoped to produce services they will be proud of.
John was very interested in knowing how our local Kingsteignton practice will be developed and how the new look will support the residents and whether it will look any different. Dr Greatorex confirmed to both John and Teignbridge Cllr Lambert that they wish to take on board patients comments to improve the service they currently provide and use this to share good practice within the 38 member GP practices.

John also spoke to the commissioner in charge of finances and confirmed that there are less layers of management so costs are reduced and that clinical excellence will be the way forward. Patients should be able to get access to the right services that they need. Safety and Quality is more important than targets and they would like to hear about your experiences in patient care either good or bad.
Also it supports our recent question to residents about the need to buy the Learning Centre as their research shows that being proactive by having open spaces, allotments

I then also discussed lymphoedema and chronic oedema with questions to Dr Eileen Deakin Clinical Lead for Long term Illnesses.
Q. Rowcroft are offering support to patients in the area for lymphoedema. How can this be commissioned particularly as their model is commissioned in other areas.
A. This is something I have a great interest in as I have problems with my lower limb arterial. At the moment it has been commissioned for this year but we will be looking at it again next year. Of course there are three different parts not just lymphoedaema there is also chronic oedema and leg ulcers. Whilst some care is common other care is not. Some care is obviously patient self care which needs to be delivered.
EF I agree and now some doctors are seeing patients in their surgery
Answer – just to measure their leg and if it has gone up they need more care.
Q. Sometimes it is not recognised by the doctors
Answer agreed that this was often the case.
Q. How can we ensure patients get the care they need and the service commissioned.
A. I have concerns about wasteful practice and I am not happy that my nurses will be offering services that they will not become experienced in.

We wish them luck and will follow with interest

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