Who checks that councils are running correctly?

Following on from my last blog today I want to ask you where do you go to if you have concerns over your council?

If it is going well great, but what happens when it goes wrong? e.g. you may be concerned that the people of the town/parish are not represented equally, and that too many councillors have a vested interest in one community group, how can you voice your concern?

Democracy is so hard to achieve as those with the time are often not equally balanced to represent all the different ages and genders of a town or villages community … equality and representation disappears from the criteria …. they say this is the nature of politics…maybe so….but should it be?   Answers on a  postcard please…

Our MP’s are elected and have many people scrutinising them but what about town and parish councils?

Or maybe you think of standing in the next local council elections!


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My Devon is a blog that collates all the things I like, (especially food) in Devon ...and sometimes further afield. Education SupportUK blog collates stories and research relating to pedagogy, policy, strategy and process on all areas of education.
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