Councillor to Mayoress in 10 minutes

Well I have thinking about whether to blog that I have been co-opted to be a councillor in our local town but I thought if not hopefully some of the interesting posts that I would like to make as the tenure unfolds would not make sense to you all. It will just look like random posts that appear to have no joined up thinking.

So here is the bit I guess if I asked those above me and told them I was blogging would say …anything I put on this blog about my view as a councillor is my view and not that necessarily of the town council, district council or county council.

After a lot of prodding from my cross stitch pals, my husband (already a councillor) and the local garden and craft committee when the vacancy arose this time I decided to try for it, and was completely shocked that although they had others to choose from they chose me.

The minutes and agenda duly arrived for the first meeting and all I could read was declaration by L Foxwell, that was my whole focus having to stand up and say my bit I saw it as similar to my guide and brownie promise –  a huge thing to do. Hoping not to stutter etc.  Worse was on entering the room I could see the press were present again more stress. Anyway off the meeting went and then came my turn. I stood up didn’t make too much of a hash of it and was now an official councillor, breathing  sigh of relief I began to focus more on the rest of the agenda.

Next item was election of Mayor I thought yay sit back and watch what happens when suddenly my husband was proposed as Mayor with another councillor.  We all voted and within ten minutes I was now Mayoress, such a  shock.  This year will I believe be  a real learning curve on the one hand learning to be a good councillor to represent the residents views as I talk to them, but also to be Mayoress will give a whole new perspective so thought I really need to blog this and hopefully some of you may find parts of my journey interesting. I am hoping that I may be able to show you even more places around Kingsteignton that even I didn’t know existed.

The first duty as Mayoress will be attending with John a cycle event on Sunday at Forde House, Newton Abbot (the next town over and a market town) and it is bank holiday here on Monday so I will be going to our local street fair to meet friends. for information about the cycle event.




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