Sunshine means the return of cream teas.

This week has been the first week of real sunshine after a very long rainy and grey winter but thankfully no snow.

I immediately thought it wont be long now until I can be sat in the sunshine enjoying my traditional Devon cream tea. That then got me thinking what else can I use the lovely, rich clotted cream for?  So here is my top ten.

1. In a CREAM TEA with real strawberries (yum, Yum)

2. As a filling in my other favourite Victoria Sponge.

3. Sirloin steak with sauce thickened with clotted cream.

4. Jelly with clotted cream for parties.

5. On cooler nights stir it into and try to put on top of hot chocolate.

6. Apple Pie and clotted cream.

7. Coke and clotted cream float.

8. Naughty, naughty in mashed potato.

9. On barbecued bananas – had that before yummy and just add a little chocolate sauce for more decadence.

10. Profiteroles.


What is yours?





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My Devon is a blog that collates all the things I like, (especially food) in Devon ...and sometimes further afield. Education SupportUK blog collates stories and research relating to pedagogy, policy, strategy and process on all areas of education.
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3 Responses to Sunshine means the return of cream teas.

  1. Jody says:

    Ooooh, I’d love to hear more! We don’t use clotted cream here in New Mexico, but it sounds like it makes everything better! It’s seems like it’s a good, old fashioned comfort food! Do you make your own? ~Do tell!! 🙂

  2. Educationsupportuk says:

    Hi Jody, Its really think cream but when really fresh light to taste, with light scones and homemade strawberry Jam its a treat. Devon and Cornwall are known for cream teas that is a pot of tea with scones, jam and cream. The only argument is which goes on first jam or cream, apparently the way you chose means you are either Cornish or Devonian ha,ha.

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