making a start on christmas presents

What a lovely idea


What I really want to do is set my embroidery frame up with my next project, but I decided I should probably start on making christmas presents instead, because if I start a new big project it would be very frustrating to have to abandon it throughout December to do presents.

When I gave mum the christmas coat last year, I told her that she would be getting a crap present this year(by crap I mean little, but still handmade), and that my stepdad, Peter, would be getting the good present.

Twenty years ago, when Candace Bahouth’s Medieval needlepoint book came out, I still used to do the odd thing that wasn’t my own design, and I started on the starry night waistcoat, so now I’ve dug it out with the intention of finishing it for Peter’s present.

I’m nearly finished the second side, but the first is done and…

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