A day out in Exeter treating my eyes to craft goodies.

Yesterday I went to our local sewing and crafting exhibition at Westpoint Exeter. Lots of people wait months for this to arrive in town so it is a really busy bustling day. There was chance to try out sewing, painting, card making and decopatch.

There was lots and lots of material

My mum and I helped by embroidering a small item on the longest embroidery by the Embroiderers guild. The material was woven at Quarry Bank Mill and in total is 605.55 metres or 1986.77 feet for those of you as old as me!

Half of the roll. There was a similar size at the end of the roll on the other side of the table, whilst we worked in the middle.

I went for just a simple heart with chain stitch and then my name using a french knot for the i, just to show I do have an idea about embroidery, although my drawing is rubbish. My mum was clever and got someone to help her draw a flower for her to embroider.

Vi Eley embroidering on the longest piece of embroidery.

My addition to the longest embroidery

Finally there was an area that reminded me about old-fashioned smocking which doesn’t seem to have back around yet, but who knows.

Emma Thompsons dress in Jane Austen

Roll on next year.

Crafts and people I liked.












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One Response to A day out in Exeter treating my eyes to craft goodies.

  1. June says:

    Great post Liz, have a wonderful weekend, hugs.

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