Update – Embroidery of the Century – 1930′s Sliced Bread and 1960’s panel

Well my panel has been received and liked. Hope everyone else likes it when it starts travelling the country.

Dear Liz,
Thank you so much.  Your panel arrived safely  this morning.  It is splendid.  I am so grateful to you and Vi, also  to John.  I have nearly finished 1930 now.  It has been a bit of a  struggle  however I am almost finished now and I was so glad of  your offer.  It looks really good.
Once again, thank you very much  indeed.
Also the 1960’s has been put together so should soon be on the website.

1960’s panel piece. Stitched by Liz Foxwell, Margaret Beer, Vi Eley and June Peart and designed by Liz and John Foxwell. Collectively called the Daffodil bookmark group

1930’s panel Sliced Bread. Stitched by Liz Foxwell and Vi Eley and designed by Liz and John Foxwell

1960’s panel for the Embroidery of the Century – War Child. Our Queen Mother A4 panel looks small in comparison so how big is each panel?


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2 Responses to Update – Embroidery of the Century – 1930′s Sliced Bread and 1960’s panel

  1. Lavinia Earl says:

    I’m so pleased to be able to tell you after so long that the panel is now on the ‘Embroidery of the Century’ web site , Sorry it has taken so long, Illness and a car accident took its toll .
    Kind regards

  2. Educationsupportuk says:

    Thank you for letting me know. I had a look but couldn’t see it. Is it under panels??

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