Emma (the dog) goes to Babbacombe, Devon

I had  a lovely day yesterday my mum and dad took me for a walk to Babbacombe.

This is me looking out across the bay


I enjoyed the lavender it smelt lovely


I liked smelling the lavender whilst looking across at such a lovely sight


I loved this squirrel its sunbathing looking at the sea…mmm lovely.


Squirrel sunbathing


And eating

Look at the squirrel eating a nut, sitting on the branch with the beach behind. Lovely!


And another squirrel also enjoying itself in the sun.


Squirrel by the sea


I loved looking at the crows in the trees.


two for a kiss


I liked looking at all the boats but these were my favourite


I like these boats


I was a little worried because after all the rain it looks as though there has been a fresh landslide into the sea, but no one was hurt this just happens sometimes on the coast.


fresh rockfall


There are always such lovely flower beds in Babbacombe.


one of the lovely flower beds


And finally here is everyone enjoying themselves and the Downs and the flags blowing.


Everyone enjoying themselves.


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My Devon is a blog that collates all the things I like, (especially food) in Devon ...and sometimes further afield. Education SupportUK blog collates stories and research relating to pedagogy, policy, strategy and process on all areas of education.
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