Diamond Jubilee Day 5 – Kingsteignton

And finally Day 5 on a very rainy 5th June was the Royal Garden Party.  After awaiting the rain to stop for two hours eventually it was decided that The Marquees would have to stay in the van whilst we decorated the hall with bunting, streamers and flags.

The sandwich and food preparation team arrived on time and worked together well managing to just get home and back in time to change to their best dresses for the party.

It started off well with a get to know you Quiz, moving on to the sandwiches, cakes and drinks and again Royal Hunt beer was donated by the Rydon to whet everyones whistles, as well as the usual teas, coffees and soft drinks as well as the two ciders left from the night befores revelries. Many had dressed up in their sunday best and many hats were seen!

Moving on we had a lovely competition for the Queen or King ages 3-7 years old with two worthy winners and equally worthy runners up…they did themselves proud.The winners won a crown, sceptre (a huge lolly pop) and sword (4ft marshmallow filled stick) to carry out their Royal dutuies.

Then came the first of the raffles again thanks to Rhiannon for organising the prizes and thanks to the sponsors who gave them to us. This was quickly followed by the childrens raffle where the excitement was over who would win the bouncy castle. Other prizes included books, sweets, top trumps and hat and scarf packs.

The Mayor Keith Howard and Cllr Foxwell spoke to everyone and thanked everyone for attending and also the people who had decorated the hall, made the food and organised the prizes.

Cllr Foxwell then invited everyone to choose either a chocolate lolly or a knitted person in red, white and blue with funny eyes, kindly knitted by  cross stitchers Mary and Marion.

As everyone ate we were serenaded by the lovely sound of the harpist Fionoulla who was lovely and even joined in by playing and stopping for us to play a huge game of pass the parcel. I still dont know how 5 identical parcels, with the same numbers of layers and same treats played by adults managed to get into such dissarray. Three teams finished ahead of the other two who needed between them another two goes until they had finished ……. but there we are maybe it was the beer!

Finally everyone had a free raffle ticket and Cllr Foxwell kept drawing tickets until everyone in the room had a prize.

Then simultaneously everyone sang for he is ajolly good fellow to Cllr Foxwell for his work in creating and delivering all of the Jubilee events.

Pictures will be coming soon but some nice person tipped tea over my computer so some letters and the picture SD Card holder is no longer working!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So the next event now will be the Craft and Garden Show in September…..until then…..Happy Diamond Jubilee Queen Elizabeth 2nd.

Liz Foxwell


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