Diamond Jubilee Day 4 – Kingsteignton

I have been rather busy hence the slowness of recording the events.  Day two and three were cancelled events due to lack of ticket sales.  When we went into thsi we tried to ensure every resident had a chance to participate at least once but hey ho! the childrens win a Wii and game by trying to get the highest score on Fifa and Sing Star was the first casualty and then the tea dance….a little disappointing as there is a group that have a tea dance weekly in the town…maybe they dont like us ….Haha.

Day 4 was the Beacon Lighting and we were on the list to light up the UK with a time of 10.15 which Cllr Foxwell and the Mayor Keith Howard did on time, whilst the residents and other councillors watched eating Westaway sausages and joined the Riviera Sound Choir to sing the National Anthem. The beacon handmade for this event via Sibelco looked like the old baskets and did us proud by firing up immediately.

Everyone was in fine party mood Rhiannon Foxwell had managed to get Exeter Brewery to donate Jubiliation and Fraid Not as well as a lovely cider from Reddaways Farm and Ashbridge. They all went down a treat.  Sausages were donated by Westaways and on top of that local businesses via rhiannons keen persuasion gave us some lovely prizes including meals for two, golf brollies, books and flowers.

All had a lovely time in the grounds of Abbrook Park.



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