Diamond Jubilee Day 1 – Kingsteignton

The Mayor Cllr Howard  started it all off with school assemblies, the pupils of the two primary schools Rydon and St Michaels all received a personal copy of the book Kingsteigntons letters to the Queen, sponsored by the local clay company Sibelco UK and published by LSBooks (www.languagesupportuk). Cllr Foxwell asked each school to send us items to go into a book that we would send to the queen.  They chose different topics from poems, to a front cover, a picture of the palace or the Queen or asked a Question.

There were lots of fabulous designed covers and castles but the questions and letters were the most interesting. They included questions like;

Do you play pass the parcel at birthday parties?

Every year do you make new bells?

Do you have a special chair to relax in when you are relaxing?

If you were God what would you do to help the earth and why? and

Would you wear a pink dress instead of a purple dress?

How cute. The work was all unedited and sent to the Queen and a lovely response was returned in time for printing so it went into the book for them to keep forever. I still have my Where’s Rosemary book from Prince Charles Investiture so hope that the children will cherish this as much as we did  ours.

Sadly the next two events were cancelled due to lack of ticket sales teh childrens Win a Wii competition and the Tea Dance.  Cllr Foxwell had tried to ensure that everyone in the community was catered for but never mind, looking forward to the Becaon Lighting and my Westaway sausage tomorrow.

A huge thank you to all the compnaie sthat have given us prizes today we will be working out how many raffles we will have so that everyone attending these events has a chance of winning something. Yesterday we had flowers from Albany florists Newton Abbot, trivets and books off Howdens, a lot of books from  Waterstones, beer from Exeter brewery, cider from Reddaways, a mens gift box from Boots and Benefit makeup from Austins.

Hope the sun shines.

Liz Foxwell


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