Off to R2 Simon Mayo Show and Rebecca Pikes’s innovation slot


Yesterday we were on the Queens Jubilee train to London, weather brilliant sunshine and one of the best train journeys by the coast.  Down the Teign coast the tide was out so the birds could be seen on the mud flats, through Teignmouth and towards Dawlish where people were swimming in the inviting sea and playing sand castles or picnicking on the beach. On the rocks seagulls and guillemots were enjoying the sunshine or paddling like the children in the water as the waves lapped gently over their feet. A perfect summers day in late May lets hope the rest of the summer is like this. Up the exe more waders  and then the change of scenery to the green of the Earl of Devonshire place and the deer enjoying the dappled shade under the trees.

Then on up to Exeter through the field of biscuit coloured cows, spring lambs and sheep surrounded by the fields of buttercups swaying gently in the breeze. And now there is line side signal problems meaning we will have to rush in the rush hour to the R2 studios where we will hopefully be talking with Rebecca about our hand held for her innovation slot. Not panicking much! Just calling that every time something important happens so does something else like when I went for my first teaching job nervier and the car caught alight!!! On motorway with our young daughter putting the fire out and trying to get to interview n Enfield scary! We speed onwards towards to Castle Cary and the banks of the canal at Hungerford toward Reading, another small delay! But I saw a rabbit, a fox, and a pond full of yellow lilies, lovely. Then onward and past Newbury racecourse with my passenger next to me jiggling my arm. – its so not funny! Arriving in Paddington the hustle and bustle greet us.

Afetr being sent around the BBC building twice we finally find Great Western House and Rebecca meets us. She is welcoming and nice, we chat about the product and decide that John will speak as it is easier if there is only one of us. After a short wait we are on John talks to Rebecca and Simon about the handheld translator and shows it working. As soon as it began it is all over and we are having photos taken with Simon and Rebecca they were both lovely as was everyone esle we met in the team. Strangely one of them lives near to St Chads School as it was then where I was Deputy Head for a short while.



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